General Informations
Admission is open to all candidates without distinction of cast, creed, gender or religion. The
school aims at providing a sound education the students for the world of tomorrow with zeal and
spirit of service.

The Academic year of the school which begins in April and ends in March,
has two terms:

April – September
October – March

⊛ Admission are given in accordance with the Admission Policy of the institution.

⊛ An Entrance Test may be conducted at the discretion of the school authorities to ensure the academic standard of the pupil seeking admission.

⊛ New admissions are made to Nursery and other admissions are if any. depends on the availability of seat and on the competence of the student. New applicants will placed in the class
if they are found fit for.

⊛ Registration for Nursery, will be done in January as per principal’s circular or notice displayed on the notice board.

⊛ Eligibility for admission to Nursery class is 3 years as on 1st April.

⊛ Eligibility for admission K.G. 1st class is 4 years as on 1st April.

⊛ Admission is granted only on submitting concurrently with the application form.

⊛ The original Birth Certificate from the municipality corporation is to be submitted at the time of

⊛ In case of higher classes a Transfer Certificate from the school last attended is required which should be counter signed by any senior education officer.

⊛ Admission and assignment to particular section of the Class entirely reserved to the school

⊛ Date of Birth once  registered cannot be changed- The date of birth entered in the admission register at the time of admission to Nursery will considered as the final record and no change in it will be made under any circumstances.